Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lady Of The Week

I'm always looking for ways to make this blog better. Many ideas go through my head and I have to decide if any of these idea will help the enjoyment of this blog. Some of these ideas are fishing related and some are not. The fishing related ideas are easier for me to decide if I want to include it to the blog. It the non-fishing related ideas that give me more of a problem. If it is not fishing related I got to make sure that it will make this blog better and more enjoyable.

Well I've come up with an idea that I feel will make this blog more enjoyable even though it is not fishing related. What I have come up with is the "lady of the week". It pretty much just going to be a pretty face that is going to be posted to the blog. Who does not enjoy looking at a photo of a beautiful  lady. The photos will be classy. You will not find trashy photos on this site. Some of these ladies will be fishing related. Some will be celebrities and some will just be a pretty face that I find. Some of these posts will just be a photo and some I may do a little write-up with the photo. My goal in the future is to post the "lady of the week" on Wednesdays.

I really hope you will enjoy this part of the blog. If anyone has a problem with this part of the blog feel free to contact me and we will talk about it and I may remove the photo. Well let's get this started. Here is the first "lady of the week" photo.

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