Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Goals

With 2013 being here now, I've be thinking of some of the goals that I want to accomplish this year when it comes to fishing.

My first goal is just to get my back better. If I don't get my back better then there will be no fishing for me. I should have a better idea what the future holds for me when I visit the specialist on the 23rd of this month.

The second goal is to get on the hardwater. If my back does not get better soon then this goal may not happen but I going to try. The reason I set this as a goal is because last year I did not get a chance to get on the ice because there was no safe ice. We did have a couple of places that had enough ice for people to get out but the ice was not thick enough for my liking. When it comes to ice fishing, I will only step on it if there is about 5 or 6 inches. If I would fall though the ice then I am sinking like rock. I do not own one of those floating suits. It is one of the next things on my list to get. I will always play it safe when it comes to ice fishing. There is no fish worth more than my life.

My next goal is to catch a personal best (Size) walleye. I plan on heading up to Lake Erie with the mind set that I will set my personal best. I will have to get up there a lot more than I did last year to give me a better chance.

Another goal is to catch two new species. Those two are flathead catfish and steelhead. I have caught thousands of channel cats in my life. I even caught a blue but the few times I have targeted flatheads, I've never caught one. This is the year that I want to catch a flathead. Steelhead is the other fish I want to catch. I have never been steelhead fishing. There is really no excuses for not doing it. I just never did it. Well, I hope this fall I will catch me one.

Another goal is to fish a new stream and learn it real well. I driven pass this stream many times going to other streams. Well, I told my self that I am going to fish it this year. I am not just going to fish it. I am going to learn just about every inch of that stream. I am looking forward to fishing it.

My last goal may be one of the bigger goals I have. It is Tenkara fishing. It is a form of fly fishing. I will have a post about Tenkara fishing at a later time. Why do I want to learn how to Tenkara fishing you ask. Well, first of all I love learning different ways to fish. My love for fishing is so big that I don't want to pin myself to just one way of fishing or targeting just one type of fish. Couple of years ago I started to learn how to fly fish. Never did any type of fly fishing before but, like I said earlier, I wanted to learn different ways to fish. I picked it up ok but still have a lot of work and learning to do. Well, with me reading up and trying to learn more about fly fishing, I kept hearing people talk about Tenkara. After researching it some I felt that this is something I would really enjoy. It really is a simple way to fly fish but there also aresome changes. Again, I won't go into great detail about it today as I will have a post on Tenkara that goes into great detail in the near future. Feel free to look it up. I feel it may interest many other people.

Well, that is 6 goals that I hope to accomplish this year. If my back can get better then I feel I can get these goals done with the ice fishing goal being the hardest one to do You can't predict the weather. I love to hear what some of the goals you guys and ladies have this year. Feel free to post them in the comment section.  


  1. Hope the back gets better. Good luck with the goals.

  2. Hope your Back is feeling better soon... Good luck at the doc wed. I like your goals, two that stuck out to me are catching two new species. that's a great idea, I've never caught either, but Chrome looks fun. The Other goal I really liked was learning every inch of a stream, awesome. Good luck.