Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm Back

I would like to apologize for the lack of posts in the last couple of months. It especially bothers me when I had just started the blog. The reason for the lack of posts is because of some short term health problems. I had problems off and on with my back and one day I woke up and my back was killing me . Which was nothing real big as it happen many times before. What made this different is that when I got to work I had a hard time walking and then the next couple of days I could not move. So I went to the doctor and something that I thought would be over within a few days have now extended for almost two months. It is just now starting to get better. There were a couple of other issue that were found that now has me on medicine. I do feel that things are starting to get better and should start posting a lot more which is what I have plan to do. I like to thank you for you patients.

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  1. I guess this is a really late comment, but this is something that I often think about anyway...that is, when to post. Rather than search for topics to post, or post for the sake of posting, I've decided not to put pressure on myself to put out a blog post within certain time frames. I think that although I've posted less recently, I feel more comfortable with the direction that my blog is going. I've decided to post when I feel inspired to post. I may come up with many ideas, but the ones that inspire me the most hit the keyboard while others are pushed to the back burner, sometimes not really relevant to the time of year too. Life tends to get in the way, especially for amateur bloggers like ourselves. We have to take care of what is important, health, family, even work because it not only pays the bills, but also pays for our fishing habit. Anyway, nice blog James, keep up the good work.